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Welcome Lohit Gaurav and Srinivas Harivanam: the First Batch of FlightLab Mentees (September 2019)

I have selected the first batch of mentees for FlightLab, September 2019. The first batch’s interests will be cultures of work, new engineered realities and…
What is Mentorship

What is Mentorship and why is it important for all creative practitioners?

The dictionary meaning of the word mentor does a disservice to the act. It is merely described as “advise or training” offered by an experienced…
Map of Creative Process

Announcing FlightLab: a free mentorship programme for creative practitioners — APPLY NOW!

FlightLab is a free mentorship programme for creative prahttps://teaching.prayas.in/flightlab-free-mentorship/ctitioners. As a practitioner who has spent around seventeen years on his creative journey — I have…

How Self-Knowledge & a Creative Practice can be Supportive to Each Other

Self-knowledge has been given the status of a grandiose and rare realisation in popular culture. But it is not so rare, so difficult or so…

How Mynti Fell in Love With a Window

Mynti struggled everyday to remain distant from everyone. Because closeness had its dangers. What if someone became close to you but refused to make space…
Assembling different perspectives can affect the creative outcome

Understanding the Relationship Between Age, Creativity & Working Style Flexibility

Treating individual personality orientations as opportunities to create fulfilling and non-orthodox and diverse working styles in your creative workplace
Illustration for fictional work: "How Mynti Fought Amnesia."

How Mynti Fought Amnesia

Mynti is young. “Young” can be a strange word sometimes. It means that the person is in the early phase of the transition of their…
Goals are known directions

Reflecting On Your Desires: Knowing Yourself Clearly

In the last post we briefly looked at the dilemma involved in balancing our uniqueness and our commonness. I mentioned some ways of actually identifying…
A model to "feeling connected and finding your place in the world."

Finding Your Centre: Living Small in a Vast World

The world might seem like a dense crowd sometimes. And at other times it seems like we are all alone. How do we make sense…
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History of Manufacturing: Work/labour, Debt and Change in the Nature of Time (2019)

[at School of Design, Nirma University] History of Design is a very complex thing. It offers an opportunity to understand the different components of industrial and communication design. How have these components been effected by the growth and changes in the economy and society? What is the scope for learning in this for future entrepreneurs and startups? The industrial revolution was a unique period of high-growth, population shift and growth and changes in the urban environment. This course looks at the repercussions of such an intense time on labour, conditions of work, our indebtedness and the nature of time. These four aspects of our life have been altered in an irreversible way by industrialisation. This course offers a reflective study of these issues.
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A photograph of a moment from the Nanoresidency project by Prayas Abhinav at dis-locate 12 in Tokyo, Japan

NanoResidency (2012)

[Project]NanoResidency (a project at dis-locate in Tokyo, Japan) invited artists to perform in public toilets to respond to the spaces with performances of gestures and sketches. Toilets are seen as outer spaces, and also outer-space. These performances were statements commenting on the insufficient space for art in our cities and also as a radical kind of space-creation.
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Screenshot of a Facebook post done as a part of the "Vacuum Suction" project by Prayas Abhinav at KNMA

Vacuum Suction (2015)

[Project] A project on the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA)'s Facebook page. A script that can deny its own existence easily is possible. The continuity can be said to exist only in the minds who engage over time and let their mind be influenced and subjected to. It does not exist in any discernible form otherwise. The script exists in the audience's mind only. The audience can become a part of the production anytime. Link: View
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